If you know me, then you know: I like politics.  I really appreciate campaigns, candidate branding, party allegiance, spin, debates, and well, most of things that make up an entertaining political circus.  It fascinates me. It always has. Even as a middle-schooler I participated in mock U.N.’s, Youth Assemblies, and debates and presided over G.U.N.A (Georgia United Nations Assembly). 

I am independent, which means that I swing both ways ie. I select my party by the issues and candidate stance as it compares to my current status, lifestyle, and whims.  My party affiliation has changed in the last 12 years.  

Anyway, anyway, anyway…the point of this post is to tell you a cool little fact I found out tonight (on Access Hollywood, I am embarrassed to say).  Meghan McCain is blogging from her Dad’s campaign. How cool is that! In McCain Blogette she threads campaign commentary with herself as the needle sewing through the trail. It is SO awesome. 

Seriously.  I mean, right next to pictures of her Dad giving a speech there is a picture of her with the spike of her heel broken off.  She is so “real” and touchable. 

In my opinion, her blog adds a youthful face to the old hands of the McCain Campaign

While critics argue that make-up preferences and down-loadable play lists have little place with political narrative, that is just exactly what a blog is.  It’s personal. It reflects the writer. This one reflects the patchwork of Meghan’s perspective, the colorful, sometimes-miss-matched-but-ever-honest quilted triangles of her view. 

The fact that Meghan has worked at Saturday Night Live AND Newsweek supports the theory that this girl has an open mind, is smart, spunky and has a sense of humor. 

Here’s my shout out to you Meghan: You Go Girl. I like your fresh-y blogettes: the Scorpio, the Aries, and the Sagitarious. More, I think they really add a crisp, modernistic, somewhat radical twist on this year’s Republican ticket. 

Here’s her latest Youtube clip, which chronicles the South Carolina win from Charleston.
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So, if you are a blogger, or if you aren’t a blogger, what do YOU think?