blogging fog

blogging fog

The Rambling Housewifehas heard that you can get hooked on blogging. WHAT? No freaking way! Like crack?  Oh, yeah baby.  And, I mean Mama Crank. 

Checking your stats can become habit forming. While you can become enslaved to the posts of your favorite blogs — checking religiously for updates. Hmm…what IS the financial tip from The Simple Dollar  today?  And, How IS The Christiansons Life?  Inquiring minds must know, know, know. Oh, yes. I forgot I am writing this post. Ut-hum. Pardon me. There goes my bloggy mind again!

I am just kidding. Blog cravings are really not that bad.  On second thought:  Are they? I guess it depends on your sweet tooth. Do you need something Sorta Crunchy or a caramel coated look at geeky girls’ guide to the first year of motherhood? Or, maybe it’s a haunting look-see at Seth Godins blog that has you in a fix. 

Since I only recently joined the blogosphere, I am surprised by what a popular part of my day blogging is.  I love it! I can’t believe that I want to go to the Savannah Blogging Conference.  Or, that I would like to see Daisy’s contribution to Artful Blogging (a real, printed magazine about blogging). But, I do. I really like blogging.  It’s my favorite new hobby.  It’s my escape from the laundry loads that await, the mundane excitement levels of my day, the noisy-ness of a house with a child and two dogs. It is a way for me to share pictures of Beatrice and Barry with my sister, my Aunt’s, my Uncles, my husband’s family, my mom and Brian’s mom. It’s my time for me, just me and only me, me, me! It is the only “me” thing in my day, most days.

Admittedly, blogging is fetching, haunting and down-right addictive. But, when you feel the monkey on your back like when blogging takes up too much of your time, or distracts you from the things in your life that are important it’s time to back off, to obstain from the daily shot. Get your kicks with you family, away from the computer. Get simple, like Boys Rule My Life.

I edit the time stamps some times so that the posts fall out over a period of days. It keeps me in the daily sphere – but more on my time.  That is just a tip from mwa.

Put daily walks in your bag to smoke.  And, get off the darn computer.  Get a life for goodness sakes, a breath of fresh air.  Get hooked on peace, love, and the people that you adore. 

…and then go get your blog fix.

*Photos by nj dodge and by on flickr


If you are blogging in line at the bistro, then you might need to consider a break.