As a stay at home mom, I am always looking for culinary tips and tips to save money, too.  I found both at Kitty Tiger’s Kitchen.  I haven’t tried it yet. But, I am going to store it in my memory to try to remember the next time I have a recipe including milk.

Here the interesting cooking tip from Kitty Tiger’s Kitchen:

Cooking Tips
Dry Powdered Milk is great to cook with. It’s cheaper than regular milk. She recommends the Wal-Mart’s Great Value Brand for the price and taste!

I guess if you use dried milk you don’t have to worry about the hormones in cow’s milk or the estrogen in soy milk. But, then you don’t get the calcium either.  Hmm…I think I am working myself into another post. So, I will leave it at that — a good, money saving, time saving tip.

Maybe I should just get a box to have on hand — those days when I am low on milk. It would save a trip to the grocery, which technically would be saving gas money. Oh, this tip is working it’s way to being green.  Go little tip, go!

*Photo by jayfader on flickr