Our Camellias are blooming. According to my mom and Aunt Peg, they should be blooming as they are conspicuous “winter flowers” that originally came from Asia. It is nice to look out the window so see the shrub polka-dotted with pink petals and yellow stamens, especially while the remainder of the yard is drab in response to January. 

Considering our house is over a 100 years old, the Camellia Bushes are very established with big  branches and deep roots. One is almost a tree! 

I am so glad they are here. 

Upon snipping, I brought a few in to brighten our table last night. I know it is a little ridiculous, a bit over-the-top, and rather “Martha” but it’s 0h-so colorful!  I love it! And, so does Beatrice. She laughed and giggled when I brought in the flowers.

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