Sadie. Oh, Sadie please come home!

Cassie, Louie, Emma and Smokey miss you.

One of my former (and I must mention, favorite) clients has a missing pet. Jodi is a great pet mama who desperately wants to find Sadie.  Following is her note. Please contact her with any information:
Hello everyone:  I have a personal request to make of folks and am trying to reach as wide a network of people as possible.  On 1/22, our dog Sadie, was let out of the yard.  She has been missing since.  While the whole family misses her, Zach (my step-son) is devastated and we haven’t given up on finding her yet.  She was last reported seen in the parking lot of East Georgia Regional – a neighbor f ours saw a “hospital employee” petting her.  I am attaching a photo of Sadie, she is a hound mix, mostly brownish/gray with tan markings. She is very sweet, and was wearing a metal chain collar.  She is about 40 pounds and has been spayed.  If you see her, please let me know. Also, the more folks you could share this with the better!  Sorry to send this out to everyone, but I need to do everything I can to find her.  Call  871-7874 with any information   — Jodi

FOUND 1/29/08