I subscribe to The Simple Dollar†for†facile ways to manage money.† They offer investment, thrift, frugality, financial management and wealth building†suggestions. †The typical post is straightforward,†a little abstract,†number oriented,†un-involved†&†non-personal. It’s expectantly practical while it is perfectly uncolored.

But, today’s newsletter is†different. It’s more emotional than usual.††Surprisingly, it’s intimate and a little privy.†

I like it.† Per their post, I plan to live a rich life.†I hope to live a rich life. And,†I will start today.†

Here are the ten things they suggest (and †that I†hope that) I†to do today:

10 Things To Do Today

1. Play with a child. There are only 6,574 days between a childís birth and their eighteenth birthday. Donít waste a single one.


2. Keep that wallet in your pocket. Time is money and money is time – donít spend either without a good reason.


3. Stop and smell the roses. Youíre never too busy to enjoy the simple pleasures that life affords you.


4. Tell someone that theyíre doing good work and that you appreciate it. Then tell their boss about it.


5. Do something youíve never done before. You might have a hidden talent youíve never known about.


6. Take a step towards one of your goals. You have goals, right? If you donít know what the next step is, figure it out – that in itself is a big step.


7. Laugh out loud, and make someone else do the same.


8. Put some money away for the future. Anything at all, even if itís just a dollar. One dollar a day starting at birth in a 4% savings account adds up to $120,000 at age 65. If you put away a bit more than that and just leit it be, you wonít have a thing to worry about when youíre old, just chasing a grandchild across the yard.


9. Tell someone you love them. Your mother, your wife, your child, a person who influenced your life a ton – whoever you love.


10. Do something unexpectedly kind for someone else, just to help them out. If they ask you if you want repaid, tell them to just do a favor for someone else.

If I can do all of these things today, and tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that – then I’m in the process of living a truly rich life. †

Let’s get rich ya’ll!

*Photo by *Proserpine*on flickr