One of my girlfriends is expecting a baby girl this summer. She has picked out her bedding.  Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous.  It’s Serena and Lilly.  And, I LOVE it! I like it so much that it inspires me to create a new nursery.

Oh, I would need a new addition for that. On second thought, I will live vicariously through my crony.  Beatrice isn’t ready for any sisters or brothers yet! 

Isn’t this bedding brilliant? It looks so fun, and whimsical, and fresh and clean. And, this friend has a  (huge) gift for decorating so I know the nursery will be splendiferous. It will be pleasing, and cute and perfect. 

Because Brian and I opted to not find out the sex of Baby Hulsey, I didn’t have the luxury of selecting an overly feminine scheme. Instead, I selected a simple cotton batiste with clean lines design from Lulla Smith. Poor Mama. Oh, no whining for me. Pinch. Pinch myself.  What am I saying! I love my bedding.  But, next time maybe I will find out the sex just so I can have something more colorful.

This is so cute.  More, the description is perfect. Great bedding baby A!

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