Like, Chicken Fried Therapy, I have always been bewitched by the concept of a Leap Year. Haven’t you? 

I am bedazzled. Really, I mean, it is unbelievable that Julius Caesar’s people, who must have been busy calculating ways to murder him, still had time to figure out that the 365 day calendar wasn’t matching up with the Earth’s rotation, actually 365 days….and ¼.

How in the world do people figure out things like this?

 Chicken Fried Therapy (and The Busy Dad Blog and Piper from Bliss in Bloom)  is launching a TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH 08, a month-long campaign.  Hop over there and check it out. 

I’ll be here trying to figure out how anyone figured out the extra quarter-of-a-day in each 365.