something is desperately wrong with your heart if these photos don’t make your voice pop into that high range and you’re not goo-gooing and ga-gaing  right about…..

now . oh, this looks like Barry.  Barry are you moonlighting? wanting to inhale that sweet puppy breathe or kiss this little baby right on the muzzle. Muah!A photographer  and an author, sharon montrose is one of the best dog and cat photographer.   Don’t you think?  Barry…yew-hew, where are you?  Would you like a photo?

 The tail shots are great. They are so whimsical!

look how beautiful her work looks enlarged her job just has to be so much fun. Hmm…since I miss pet sitting so much maybe this would be an option.  It looks like a great job!  check out her blog for more shots. and then, have a dog-gone good day