Thanks Creature Comforts for introducing me to The Mayberry SparrowThemayberrysparrow.
There is something delightful and ever charming about  The Mayberry Sparrow.  I think the Custom Name Stamp: Bookplates would make a darling baby shower gift.  Don’t you think?
Beatrice could really use some of those for all of her books. Maybe I should get her a few.  Have I mentioned lately that she is infatuated with books…the same ones.  Of all of her collection, she wants me to read the same three books over, and over, and over.

Oh, back to my post. Sorry guys. 

I like the sweet Matryoshka Doll Stamp, too.  Customize it for a crafty friend on her next birthday.  Your gift is sure to be a hit.

Thanks Creature Comforts. You made a fine introduction!