I have been so busy lately that my post haven’t been very personal.  I keep thinking that I will get a chance to leave a post about each little exciting thing — but there just isn’t enough time.  So, here’s what has been going in my Moon Dreams and Day Beams: 

1. Beatrice took her first steps last night!  We are so proud of her.

2. We went to a 30th birthday party that was SO much fun.  All the guests wore black and white while the birthday girl wore her favorite color. It was our first date in a very long time. It was Beatrice first time spending the night away from home!!!

3.  Papa got Mama new ride. Way to go Brian. I LOVE it!

4. I found this silver platter for 2.99 (!!!) at a thrift store.  Now, I have to figure out how to clean it.

5. We have found out that Beatrice will eat ANY thing, even onions!  And, she loves raisin’s.

6.  I have been forgiving my husband for asking me on a Valentines Date and forgetting to show up.   Yes, I do love him. And yes, I have forgiven him.

7.  I have been busy loving Miss B.  This takes up most of my time as it is a full time job. I don’t have much time left to blog. She’s the reason for the season so blogging comes in last place on my list of things to do. 

Happy Tuesday!