She asked. I said, “yes.”

I bought the book.  More, I reserved my seat for the class.  I type as I blush.  My fingers move as fast as the pink curtain drags across my face. Oh, how embarrassing. How weird and how New Age. 

Is Eckhart Tolle composition a  happiness power tool?  Hmm…I don’t know about that. I guess I will see if A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose  is the well-being jump-start that is claimed.

Oprah suggests it is a new “kind of reading experience” that is a “spiritual landmark.”

If the whole world is going to be awakened then the one thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to be comatose.  I don’t want to be snoozing in the back of the class. Rather, I want the inner-me to be aroused, re-born, kindled and vivified. 

“Girl, you come out of there and lets find your purpose,” I instruct myself. Lets be awakened.  Lets join the biggest classroom ever. Lets get stirred up, stimulated, and activated. Come on, inner-me. We can do it.

A New Earth. A New Me.

Do you want to find your inner purpose?  Do you want to find peace and understanding?

She asked. I said, “yes.”

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Photo by sundance73