I know this is bold, but I really like this bright blue with all the white by Robyne Curry. I am in a painting mood. Can you tell?

Blue is actually not what I am hearing. Yellow is calling my name. Yeeesssss, yellow. Cheerful, warm, sunny, I-love-it-yellow.†

I am thinking: Home Page
, no nonsense, yellow. Or, semolina,† yellow.† What do you think?†


Yellow for the dining room?† Yes, as I think it will†bring a bit of whimsy and light-hardness to the room. We have a 1908 Tudor, rather bungalow-ish cottage style house.††Reflecting the period, it is small with lots of walls and little closet space. I†just don’t think we need the dining room so formal, so traditional.†

Do you think yellow is too informal for a dining room?† Is it too waggish, too curious and chancy?† Do you know what I mean?