Well, I have been super busy lately. Life has been exhausting as Brian, Beatrice, and I recovered from last week’s flu and the virus attack.  Plus, my niece Lilly (who is three days older than Beatrice) is in town so we have been visiting her each afternoon. Sure, it doesn’t sound so laborious until you toss in a Kindermusik Class, red b errands, a breakfast date, a play date, and library story time.

Sweat is beading on my brow just telling you about it!

Any way, I have the best news EVER.  My sister will be in town for my birthday. YAY. Who Ray. Whew. Hew. Yeaaaaaah, baby! I do not know what we will do, but it will be awesome just to have her in town.  Whether it’s chatting on my porch or sipping on wine, the evening will be most perfect by her presence.

There’s not much better than a sister. A sister is the cherry-on-top of an already-delicious sundae.  She just makes everything that much better. Ahhhh yes, and I have her for my birthday.  Sweeeeeet.

*photo by tiarafoto