It’s the first of March girls, so you’ve got Mother’s Day on the brain.

Huh?  Do what? 

You’re thinking about how horribly cold and gray the last half of February was as you ponder the arrival of spring?

Weird.  I’m totally thinking about Mother’s Day after reading Design Mom’s post!  This year’s Mother of the Year event, sponsored by Mother’s Day Central sounds like so much fun with so much booty. 

There is no question, you should nominate someone. Way-so easy, the prize is great:$5000 to the winner.
Plus flowers.

I really dig flowers. And I love $5000.  Go check it out. Nominations are accepted through March 5th — that’s only a couple of days away. Who will you nominate? Your mother? Your sister? Your friend? Better question: who will your husband and children nominate? You, of course!