Karen Sugarpants wrote this about what she wishes she could say to people, and it got me thinking…

What do you wish you could say to someone?

Here’s mine:

  1. If you could see what you have created through sober eyes, you’d be very proud.
  2. If you weren’t so freaking angry at the little things, you might see the amazing big things around you.
  3. You come off really creepy.
  4. Did you really think it would not get back to me? I was madder than hell to find out that you were behind the insanity, the gossip and the rumor, but I forgive you because I realize it all worked out for the best. Now? Now I am just sad for you.
  5. I wish I could understand why you did the things you did to me. I tried so hard not to be resentful or bitter to you because that hurts me more than you, but I am still struggling with it. You hurt me down to the soul. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me? Do you even care?
  6. I miss your friendship so much. We laughed, cried and shared so much joy and happiness. We partied, too.  Memories of you ALWAYS make me smile. We haven’t talked or hung-out in ages. I wouldn’t even know how to reach out to you at this point, but know that I wish you well. And would love to talk to you again.
  7. I’m sorry. Really sorry.
  8. Stand up for yourself. You have so much to offer but you just don’t let people see the real you. I like the real you. And, others do to. Let yourself shine while being “you.”
  9. If you had to live through some of the things I have lived through, you might not be so quick to judge. Walk a mile in my shoes and then you will understand why I am who I am and do the things I do.  Don’t be so narrow-minded.
  10. Don’t be such a snob. You don’t come off better than anyone. Rather, you look silly, childish, stricken with issues, and un-confident.
  11. Quit saying such ugly things about her. You don’t even know her. More, I really like her and she is a blessing to my life.  You don’t know where she’s been or why she did it so don’t condemn her for it. 
  12. Racism and bigotry is really out.  Pride in your heritage is fine. But when you call other people names and scream your hatred you show your ignorance and you look like a low bred, backwoods redneck. It screams WHITE TRASH.  It is embarrassing and blood boiling. It hurts me, it hurts my child, it hurts my husband and it hurts the world.   We have close friends of all creeds, ethnicity, religions and backgrounds from all parts of the world. 

So, what are yours?