Happy Birthday Beatrice!

Brian stayed home from work today to spend the day with the girls.  We had him all to ourselves for B’s Birthday.  He even went to Kindermusik with us!

We went to Blue Moon Cafe for a special Happiest-Birthday Lunch that was finished with candle-topped Creme Brulee.  Beatrice munched on kalomata olives, tomatoes, hummus, and bread until we began to sing Happy Birthday when the dessert danced to our table.  It was delicious!

Seven month old Cousin Abby came to visit. Let’s hear it for the girls!   The girls played and played.  A funny thing happened.  B leaned in to kiss Abby, which made her cry. I admit, B’s agility and grace is a little scary.  B sat still as she listened and stared at Abby. Then, Beatrice’s mouth slowly opened while she looked from Brian to me, and me to Brian. All of the sudden a shrill to match Abby’s bolted from her mouth. She was copying Abby. It was so funny! “This is no contest girls,” Brian laughed. 

 We took them on a walk downtown that ended at Lullaby Baby where Abby gave Beatrice a party hat! Ms. Carolyn gave B a balloon and a bunny from the Colonial House, which really brought our baby a smile.  The bunny was clinched to her chest for the remainder of the stroll.

Tana and Granddaddy stopped by to share her special day, too!

We finished the day by getting dirty outside.  B’s favorite!  Brian and I put down fresh pine straw in our flower beds while Beatrice fed leaves to the statues and Barry.  

Granny Hulsey, Aunt Amanda, Cousin Lilly, Daphne, Miss Lea, Mama Lauren, and Aunt Alli all called to share their Birthday wishes with you, Bea.  Aunt Stephanie sent you a love-loaded text from she, Uncle Brent and Jackson. And, Aunt Megan sent you bloggy love.

Beatrice had the best birthday ever. And, so did we!