The weekend was a whirlwind of fun, frolic, and chaos. Admitting that it was merry-go-good and that I loved it, I am honestly thankful that it has passed.  Whew. The perspiration has just been wiped from my brow.  The circumvolution began Thursday morning as my 82 year old Grandmother arrived.  From there it was flurry that included a trip to the dairy in tornado-like weather (seriously. and did I mention the dairy was almost in Millen), a home builders meeting, an Oklahoma show, a midnight run with hubby to Walmart for party supplies, a midnight cleaning of the house, a 9 am trip to Lowe’s, B’s birthday party, my birthday, my brother-in-laws birthday, a time change, and much, much more. 

The point is: it appears I have lots to blog about.  And, in fact, I do. However, I am still spun-out from the whir as I dream of calm, slumber and a good nap. I promise to get back soon with pictures and such. 

Until then I am recovering and getting back to life as usual. 

While you are waiting on me stoll over to Daisy’s. Daisy Cottage was on tour this weekend. And, it looks so good. You will get lost in the pictures and forget I ever left you!