And, remember how I told you that I never win anything.  Well, I was so very wrong.  Today is my luckiest day.  The Karma wheel is spinning madly in my direction.  Here it comes. I did do something right after-all!

And, it is Beatrice’s lucky day, too.  The stars must be in our court because we won something.  Did you hear?  Did you hear?  Best of all, we won something super-cali-fragilistic-awesome.  You have got to see this to believe it. Come on, scurry over there to take a look-see. My name is right on the post. Did you see it?

I could barely believe my eyes when I saw MY NAME. I mean, I rarely win any thing, much less something that I adore. 

Oh, oh, oh. I can not wait to score the prize.  Seriously, they are so cute, so prim, so precious, so rich and lively.  I love them. Today IS my lucky day!