With confidence I can tell you that Miss Bea is going to have a shoe fancy.  This is not my first post revolving around she and shoes.  Remember my other post and my other post?  This big win from Bugaboo Shoes confirms it (you can read my post here or see it at Southern Mamas, here). She is destined to be a shoe hound with baskets full of sole treats, lace rewards, and heel goodies. 

It must be in her stars. She is a Pisces after all — ruler of the feet.  Look out boots, cleats, clogs, flops, heels, high-tops, loafers, moccasins, platforms, sandals, slippers, sneakers, and wing-tips, the shoe bow-wow has arrived.  You have found your biggest little fan!  

Now that I have recognized this recurring theme in her short little life,  girls we have got decisions.  We commission you to help us select our prize.  

Which shoe would you choose?  What is your favorite?  The vast selection at the bottom of this post. The verbage is long for a blog – but the pics can be browsed quickly.

Upon browsing Bugaboo’s Website, I found this company is beautiful, soulful or should I say soleful.  Born from tiresome shoe shopping for their adopted daughter, the company arose. 

You can read about it, here.    

Now, back to business.  The assortment follows.  Which one is your favorite?

Did you see they even have a shoe called Beatrice!  Really, shoes are calling her name!

Shoe Description

Unique, Stylish, Quality Leather Shoes, with breathe ability and flexibility for developing feet.

Josie  Our classic design; these cheerful shoes can put a smile on anyone’s face.  Wear these with a dress and tights or without socks and shorts; these are the ultimate functional shoe. We love them and so will you!

Abigail  Girlie, but not too girlie; You will want a pair of these for yourself.

Zoe  These great little sandals wear more like a shoe with coverage and protection of those precious toes. With glitter and bright hues these are sure to please any princess.  Flowers can always brighten a day.

Samantha  This shoe has amazing style and fit alike. The flower applique is cut out by hand and then carefully sewn in the perfect position to give this preppie shoe pizzazz. Highly durable, this shoe can be worn with almost any kind of outfit. Wouldn’t these look perfect walking through a flower patch?

Sherry  What girl doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle in her life? The ultimate sassy shoe and every little girl’s dream. Every girl will love these.
Paulie Ann

Paulie Ann this shoe is for the girl, that wants to be girl and make a statement. Sweet and tender or trendy and flashy, these shoes can set any tone with the right outfit. What girl doesn’t love flowers?

Beatrice  Too cute to pass up!

Willow  These are about the most adorable and funky shoes we have ever seen!

Savy  Wow! will be the response you will hear when your little one has these dazzlers on their feet. For short walks to the beach or with that perfect sassy dress, these shoes are all for show.

Molly  Who said protective sandals can’t be adorable? That is why we love these shoes.  Gotta love them!

Tiffany  Oh, how we love these shoes! Sweet and adorable with alittle bling to boot, our Tiffany shoes will win your heart.
Lola Lu

Lola Lu  We have to say it! These shows are a perfect fit to any closet. A solid color shoe with stylish stitching and a splash of color, these shoes have the ulimate matchability. Every girl needs a pair!