After Beatrice’s one year exam, we played in the garden. Oh, what fun.  It is our favorite!  In the case you are wondering, the exam went super.  Standing 30 inches tall and weighing 19lbs, Dr. Perkins said she is “long and lean.” As the pediatrician commented I thought to myself, she MUST have her Daddy’s genes.

We planted Candy Tuft then wrapped it in a little blanket of pine straw.  The other pot is yellow pansies.  I am holding on to them in hopes of one more bright bloom.

This is the first time I have bought sewn Zinnias as they are so easy to seed in the garden. But, we used them in planters for Beatrice’s Party last week.  They appear to be Thumbalina’s, or minis, however the card did not indicate a special variety.

They are so tiny. Aren’t they cute?





After adding bright pink to our window boxes, the day was done.





Whew. We are tired!