We met the Live Lightly Tour last Friday night at Laurel’s.  It was so great. 

I mean, really heavy, really positive. 

We learned about sustained living, raw food, vegan-ism, and alternative fuel sources while we met an amazing family.  Did I say amazing?  I mean, J.J. DYN-O-mite kind of amazing. 

We came home with a renewed interest in our environment. 

I am so proud of Brian he has been researching veggie oil  car conversion kits  since we returned. 

The next time you catch a ride with me and you smell frenchie-fries, it’s not McDonald’s.  It’s fuel for our car! 

How funny is that?  And, it’s not just funny to you.   Mother Earth and my pocket book  find i blithely capricious, too.   

We spent an hour or so with Matt, Sara, and Bella.   Their experience reminds me of Brian and I’s adventure around the country.  They are all that we wanted to be, and more. 

As we left we gave them the most heart felt wishes of best-o-luck and happy-travels. Beatrice even gave Bella her green bow.  We came home with two brown t-shirts and a rekindled interest in green living. 

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