I am sharing this post from Southern Mamas because I know several of my bloggy visitors that are effected by autism. Plus, Beatrice just had her one year shots so this is of interest to me.

autism-puzzle.jpgWe all know this scary statistic: that at least one in 150 children are affected by autism in the United States. But what we don’t know is how to differentiate the myths of autism from the facts.CNN is planning a comprehensive day of autism coverage in recognition of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2. In a report called, the “Myths of Autism” CNN Medical News hopes to dispel any misconceptions about the disorder and the people who live with it.

This topic will be particularly interesting in the wake of the Georgia case of 9-year-old Hannah Poling. A panel of medical evaluators at the Department of Health and Human Services concluded that Hannah had been injured by vaccines — and recommended that her family be compensated for the injuries. The panel said that Hannah had an underlying cellular disorder that was aggravated by the vaccines, causing brain damage with features of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

If autism touches your life, CNN wants to know your story. Including what you think the prevailing myths related to autism are and what questions you need answered.

Click here to see the various topics the coverage aims to address and how to share your story with CNN.

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