As the chores mound up around our house I managed to escape into a cloud of blissful ignorance.  Pushing past the mountain of clothes that beg to jump in the washing machine, I made my way to the dining room for a bit of “me” time, good ol’ craft time. 

With the paint for the clothespin doll’s hair dry from last nights artistic moment, I decided the dolls need their clothes.  Upon cutting the patterns from the fabric I dressed them as much as possible without glue.  My craft box is in the attic as I have no idea where any glue is.  Admittedly the dolls are a bit naked and crying for cover, yet they are one step closer to a complete wardrobe. 

By the way, did I tell you how cute the packaging for the project is? Tied with a mini-card and little red & white polka dot mushroom,  it is adorable.  I wish I had a copy of the verbage from the tag.  It is SO cute.  I went to The Small Object’s website tonight as I found out that she is located in SAVANNAH. It is a small world afterall.

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