Southern Mamas poses the question: should kids under 2 watch television?  I, too, wonder about this.  Call me horrid, but I confess.  I try desperately to interest Busy-Body-Beatrice in television. She watches it less than an minute and then goes to other things. I would love to have an hour to myself while she learns the alphabet or sign language.  How about you?

Her Post: 

elmo.gifIt’s so tempting to plop a child down in front of Sesame Street while you scramble to get a few things done.But the American Academy of Pediatrics says children younger than 2 should watch no TV. Yet, many of us ignore such advice, do it anyway and, as a result, feel guilty every time we hear Elmo’s squeaky voice.

I write about the “TV or No TV?” struggle in my confessional, or rather, my column in Sunday’s Savannah Morning News Accent section: “Bad Mommy: My toddler watches the boob tube.” You can read the column by clicking here.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the “TV for toddlers” question and whether you think “edutainment” is really good for children younger than 2. Or if the term educational TV is just a euphemism to make us feel less guilty.