Happy Birthday Lea!

I put together a document of 31 of our Favorite Things about L. Compiling the list of quotes from her coworkers, family and friends made for a merry afternoon.

I have to admit, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. I love organizing lists – playing on the computer, etc.  Mom had Beatrice so I had the project all to myself. The only distraction was the procrastination I forced upon the task.

It was neat to see themes of wonderful things ripple through the thoughts streaming down the numbered page. More, it was reconfirming to know that other people think as highly of this person as I do. 

I am always amazed by how amazing my friends are.  Seriously…I have some really good ones.  It is nice to know that other people think they are prodigiously incredible, too.

This is a great gift to give because it is as much fun to put-it-together as it is to get it (at least I hope it brought her as much joy as it did me).