Wishing you all a most Happy Week!  Here are some beautiful weekend cottages above from Nibs Blog via Absolutely Beautiful Thing’s Blog. Don’t these cottages look like fun little retreats –  peaceful, easy, oh-yeah-mama put your feet up and grab a book you are taking it easy kind of vacation retreat.  Serenity.  Serendipity. Places where only good things happen (while the aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies tickeles your nose).

 Just glancing at the pictures takes me away, far, far away to a place where slumber follows my que, the warmth of my dog  cuddled near my leg lays heavy, my sister visits frequently, and my friends come over every day to share an ice cold coca-cola or dessert or Oprah or something.

Image 1 – Southern Accents
Image 2 – Cottage Living
Image 3 – Ralph Lauren’s cottage Elle Decor