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Tour de Georgia

One of the largest bicycle races in the world will take place in downtown Statesboro on the morning of April 22nd.  This event features the same riders that participate in the Tour de France.  To give you an idea of the number of viewers watching this event in person, just imagine the 93,000 seat Stadium at the University of Georgia.  Those watching the Tour de Georgia in person will fill that stadium 5-6 times, those watching in Japan, Europe, and other countries through the eyes of the 400+ journalists covering the event, would fill the stadium many more times than that.  It is often said that this event in cycling is second only to the Tour de France.  Come witness a soon-to-be historical event right here in downtown Statesboro.  This is the early years for what will become one of the important annual sporting events in the in the United States. The Masters, The Ryder Cup, The Kentucky Derby, The Daytona 500, ….The Tour de Georgia, it just takes time to truly appreciate what you have.  For questions, call the Statesboro Convention & Visitor’s Bureau at 912-489-1869.