Per a great afternoon at Laurels, I expanded my Raw Food knowledge. More, I have a new enthusiasm for a more nutritious diet.  Despite my inhibitions, the smoothies tasted good.  I mean, really they DID taste good.  Beatrice even asked to drink some. She liked them, too.  I returned home with a banana/strawberry/kale recipe and a blackberry/blueberry/spinach recipe

I haven’t succeeded in selling Brian on the whole raw foods “thing” but for now, at least I am committed to incorporating more raw foods into Beatrice’s and I’s diet. 

In true green fashion, I requested a blender on freecycle to jump start the new program.  It is the first time that I have posted a “wanted” item.  Unfortunately, the only offer came from Millen (which is about 30 miles away).  That just seems a little much – as I purchased one from Wal-mart today. 

Here’s to a healthier diet. May I clink my blender to yours? 

clink. clink.