As seen in the Georgia Local Food Guide:


1 0 W A Y S T O M A K E O R G A N I C

S I M P L E & F U N




Here are some creative ways to go organic every day of the year:

1. Get off to a clean start: Take a shower with soaps and shampoos made with organic ingredients. Then, eat an organic breakfast with certified organic orange juice, coffee, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt and eggs.

2. Create a meal that’s as close to 100% organic as possible. Invite friends and family to enjoy and help cook.

3. Grow your own organic kitchen garden to showcase your green thumb and culinary talents.  Then donate your surplus to a local soup kitchen shelter.

4. Go to your local farmers’ market and buy from an organic or sustainable farmer.

5. Volunteer or donate to support organic gardening programs in your community.

6. Start composting for healthy soil. Contact Georgia Organics or your county’s Cooperative Extension office for composting information.

7. Release “beneficial insects” (good bugs which keep away the bad bugs) in your organic garden.

8. Treat yourself (or someone special) to a pair of 100% organic cotton socks or anything made with snuggly organic fleece.

9. Remember your pooch! Give your fur-baby an organic dog wash and treat him or her to an organic doggie biscuit.

10. Enjoy a glass of organic wine (yeah baby!), lemonade or tomato juice.

 Photo by Mr. Monroe