This is weird, I know. But,  

I fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing almost every night. Not because  the beach is only feet from my window but because I can hear Beatrice’s sound machine. I wonder if I’ll change the sound to the woods or perhaps the rain so that I don’t feel so surf-deprived. Maybe she is also feeling a little sun burnt and sandy.  Huh, I never thought of it.

Speaking of those beach noises on the recording.  It’s funny how the sound of seagulls can relax me and repulse me all at the same time. I swear they’re evil.  Even more evil are those dirty little kids who throw Cheetos at them or left over loaves of bread.  I feel like I am on the set of a horrific movie when they swarm around, caw-caw-cawing, hovering, landing, and letting droppings fly. Evil, I tell you.

 Photo by Baby7