Wow. Is all that I can say. What would I do without Southern Mamas to bring me a touching story at the end of the day.

via Southern Mamas

matt-logelin.jpgEvery now and then, we need to step into someone else’s life to put our own silly troubles in perspective.

That’s what readers of Matt Logelin’s blog experience. In 27 hours, Matt Logelin became a new dad and a widower. He reached out online though his blog and found an outpouring of support.

Matt’s 30-year-old wife, Liz, died the day after their daughter, Madeline, was born March 24. Matt found strength after telling their story in a blog,, entitled “Life and death. All in a 27-hour-period.”

A SouthernMamas reader shared the beautiful and painful blog, in hopes that I would share it with you. Click here to read. You can also read a Star Tribune article here about the Logelin family’s story “Without Liz, but not alone.”

You will definitely hug your children a little tighter after reading Matt’s blog. Please share it with other parents, too.