Even though this little girl is really cute and the tune catchy. I don’t really know if I would like to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner.  Frankly, I don’t think so.  Despite the  lyrics I do not think that every one would be in love with me if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner. Or, any nitrate laced dog.  

When I picture children, I usually picture an Oscar Meir Weiner or at least I hear the commercial tune in my head.  The two seem to go hand and hand. Oprah even had a kid on her show who had a gospal version of the jingle.  I mean, OMW and kids are as American as apple pie. 

I decided to check into the controversy.  My summary,  I think hot dogs are fine on occaisions but should not be included in a child’s regular diet. Gross! 

Luckily we don’t eat a lot of hot dogs at our house. They have always kind of grossed me out. However, I admit I have binged on the Oscar Meyer cheese dogs.  Those things rock.   Uh-oh, Beatrice.

If you are concerned about Nitrates, childhood cancers, or hot dogs then I suggest you research the topic, too.  Here is one of the top articles, here.