Yay. I put one in the bucket!


Picking up Onions putting them in a plastic bag (???) 

Wow. Shew-we. I have been wiping my brow all day.

We dug Vidalia Onions this morning, actually all we had to do was pick them off the ground. I can’t say that I have ever done this before. I now have a new found respect for onion laborers. It’s hot. And, it is hard work. 

The Cromley’s called to tell us that the onions were being turned under. You know that Beatrice and I can’t resist a good adventure. We loaded up to head to Brooklet. 

The field was blemished with onions…everywhere.  Onions were in the mounds, on top of the mounds - they probably were the mounds.  Apparently, once onions go “to seed” they are no longer good for market because the center gets mushy.  They don’t last very long. 

It was an eerie feeling to see all the food going to waste.  Even Mrs. Rebecca seemed in distress. She came out to bag extra onions for us to give to whoever could use them.  I have never seen so many onions!

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Picking Onions May 08


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