Beach Bungalow 8 has me thinking:

lately, there has been much ado about the upcoming release of the ‘sex and the city’ movie. I can’t wait to see it. i, too, spent many a sunday evening, dinner plate in lap, surrounded by friends, watching carrie and her cronies, weeble through life in nyc on their stilettos.

  • thinking back to those times, i realize not only was it good television. but it also taught me a thing or two (or 25) about life.

  • no matter how ridiculous the outfit, it’s all about ‘owning’ it.
  • hair and skin color should never compete.


  • post it notes are not the best way to break up 
  •  camal lights and coffee, apparently, do a body good
  • cosmos look a lot better than they taste – that is, until you have three or four and then they taste as good as the look


  • the candy striper, belt on bare belly, swiss miss look… best worn when you’re a character on an hbo hit. (this is when the ‘owning’ thing comes in handy)

  • ending a statement with a question, makes everything you say sound lofty and introspective.
  • people in nyc, don’t work. they brunch, lunch and meet for drinks


  • there are only 4 types of women in this world, ‘a carrie‘, ‘a miranda‘, ‘a samantha‘ and ‘a charlotte
  • when your society marriage goes south, marry your divorce lawyer
  • in a pinch, toilet paper can double as coffee filter.
  • at the end of the day….it’s just you and your lap top