Bobbing among the gifts in the Happy Pack from The Rambling Housewife was a book.  The book, Into the Wild, arrived with perfect timing. Brian and I watched the DVD several weeks ago as we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the fascinating movie. We loved it.  The book was equally as captivating. I couldn’t put it down.

Having watched the Sean Penn film and read Krakauer’s book, a curiosity rests among the bank of my mind. Who WAS Chris McCandless?  Who was the sister that he so dearly loved? 

I am disappointed the book did not include more photos of Alexander Supertramp, nor the DVD.  Each references his journal and his still shots. Why weren’t they included?

I have researched a bit. Here is what I found:

I’ve found some for you.

Other links you might find interesting:

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This Google Earth community page shows a satellite photo of the bus where Chris McCandless’s body was found.

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Have you read this book?  I have some friends that think it was “weird.” What do you think?  Were you disappointed with the disclusion of the photos?

*Picture by chriso2000