I feel like I need to have a hot soapy bath, lie in it until the water starts turning cold and then go straight to bed. It has been a very long weekend.

I FINALLY, completely weaned Beatrice. No more. Nada. Zilch. None. She isn’t getting any.  I am happy, sad, and hormonal.  I want to cry and jump for joy concurrently. Can you do that? 

I have considered drinking copious amounts of vodka and orange juice. After all, I have deprived myself of such indulgences in fear of turning my child into an infant alcoholic for well, let me add, for 24 months, now. I could use the funnel Beatrice likes to wear on her head for a straight shot to my liver. Oh, how fun. It’s kind of like an old college party. 

If my arms were not pinned to my sides like a solider mid-march, I would raise my arms, bend my knees, lift my feet, and jump, jump - in the style of the old Toyota commercials. But, as any mother who has ridden-out the weaning wave to land on the beaches of freedom knows – my arms can not do that. No, uh. huh. It’s as if I am in a straight jacket. I can’t even hug anyone.  Brian leaned in earlier only to have his eardrums nearly burst with the sound of a bloody murder scream. AHHhhhhh, get off of me, I thrust him away. He eased his pain with humor as he bounced like a kid on a trampoline off of my girls.  He thinks it  is SO funny.

Well, it’s been another hectic weekend. I hope you had a good holiday.   I just can’t wait to take my bath and get to sleep. xxx Christy