Mingalaba.  That’s “Hi, everybody” in Burmese. Excuse the strange greeting.  Weird. I think I have been on flickr too much!

Anyway, I am back from hiatus, fully recovered from the five-day-grosses-virus-ever that struck me last Wednesday. Since that time, I have hosted a surprise 60th Birthday Party for my mother at my house, hosted a Sunday Brunch for out of town guests at my house, picked up a flat of strawberries from Excelsior, Georgia, weaned Beatrice , taken Atlscatsmeow’s camera on a trial run, gone on a few bike rides, read the first four pages of The Omnivore Dilemma , cut gardenias  and put them in every room and finished an article for the July edition of Bellas and Beaus Magazine.  Remember, I did all this while I felt like I had been run over by a sixteen wheeler. It has been a TOUGH few days.

Without the love and attention of my dear sister (and the prescription pills she packed in her pocket), I would not have survived the weekend. Who said “Mamas little helpers” where just for babies?  They were for Mama this weekend! I am extremely serious about the last three words of the first sentence…but here I am.

Regretfully, I haven’t had much time to upload pictures or to blog.  Thank you for mosing over to check on me over the past week. Your kindness really lifted my spirits.

Happy Monday Night, you guys. I am baaa-ack!

*pretty gardenia picture by Grandma BJ