Green Bag LadyThe bag is a gift, use it well!  she says.

This is REALLY amazing. By “THIS” I mean – an amazing spirit, amazing art, and amazing commitment to green living. The Green Bag Lady is offering one FREE reusable Shopping Bag anyone who promises to use it in place of  paper or plastic. I can not refuse an opportunity for new cool bag. Can you?Maybe this is what I need to finally make me quit using plastic. Perhaps it is the beginning of the end of my plastic bag addiction. I am pretty good about recycling, yet haven’t the nerve (or memory to take a bag to the store) to use an eco-friendly bag.  You have to start somewhere. So, here’s my start. I have sent her my info as I look forward to the reception of a handmade bag for my groceries.

Go get your bag, girl!

The lady on the left is Theresa, The Green Bag Lady 

Here’s her mission statement from her blog:

I am an artist. I make bags. I will give you a FREE handmade fabric bag if you promise to use it instead of paper or plastic. Each bag has a number in it, I will record your name, city and bag number on this site. The hope is to document the use of these bags all over Nashville and eventually the world. Send me your pictures, your stories, and your extra fabric. Let’s start a revolution. . .one bag at a time!