According to Daisy Cottage:

Rhondi is throwing an awesome porch party…

Porches are my fave. We live on ours, despite its small size. Some of my best memories are on porches. From my grandmother’s porch to the porch of the beach house to my sorority house porch to my porch now, there isn’t a more grand place in any home. More, there isn’t a better feeling than the kiss of a gentle breeze on my shoulders, the faint smell of flowers in the wind, the subtle sounds of slow quiet conversation and the taste of a slow sip of sweet ice tea that only can be experienced on a porch.

Take a trip over to Rhondi’s Soiree.  The porch party is worth the look-see.

If you have pictures of your porch feel free to send them this way!

Speaking of porches, here is a porch of the place where Brian proposed. It is the porch of the Statsboro Inn. Isn’t it gorgeous

Awesome Photography by Rachel Pennington