“SURPRISE,” the crowd alerted Mom that she was not at a baby shower.

This smile made it all worth it.

Lilly, you have the most beautiful blue eyes.


 Uncle Jim, Amanda, and Mr. Currier

The Baby Whisperer: Mackie

Brian cooks the Low Country Boil – it was SO yummy thanks to Frank and Susan’s direction

 Brother Tim   Frank
 Peg aka The Surprise Party Instigator aka Moms Sis
 Grandmother and her GORGEOUS Cake
 Table O’ Fun
 Corn, anyone? 

It wouldn’t be a party without Barry White! 
 Guests  Ms Becky 
 Trim for Her Bottle Tree

 a bad picture of the right side of the yard

Uncle Tim’s ride. Her antique desk is tucked in the trailer. I think it was her favorite surprise!

Here is the whole album:

Mom’s 60th Birthday