Normally, I delete those “tagged” emails immediately. However, today in effort to escape the chores of reality I am submitting to one. So, here it is. I have been tagged. And, yes, I am so glad that you asked:

What were you doing ten years ago?


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Ten years ago I was quitting my job at SouthComm Publishing, where I was a traveling account Representative selling print advertising to chambers of commerce throughout the southeastern United States. By leaving my job, I was doing my little part of saving the old-island-life by living in an original beach house, taking outside showers, partying like a rock star with my roommate and sister, and doing things like riding bicycles and waves every time that I wanted. Suddenly, my college degree seemed unnecessary (much to my parents disapproval) as I became a waitress and reverted to a youthful lifestyle.

Did I mention, I loved every minute of it?

Five items on your to-do list today.

I operate so much better with lists, but as a stay-at-home mom I’m a slacker about making them:

1. Take Beatrice to the MOMs Club field trip to Brusters Ice Cream!

2. Meet Henry!!!  The new baby on the block.

3. Make deposits for red b power.

4. Clean the kitchen. It is a disaster.

5. Water my flowers. They are dreadful in this South Georgia heat.

Snacks I enjoy.

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What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Well, that would certainly open up the possibilities. Travel more. See my family more. Buy myself a few trinkets, like botox, a boob lift, and a new car.  I would order my astrological chart, too. I have always secretly wanted one of those (they just seem like a waste of money).  But don’t forget, I am a philanthropist, and if my bank account ever looked like Oprah’s, I have always said I would focus my giving on animal welfare or underprivileged children or Alzheimer’s research. And, I would.

Speaking of, places I would live.

Globe mobile zgallerie
Photo from Urban Grace’s archives. I think you can buy this globe mobile over at iSuwannee.

I lived in Nashville, Ga until I was two, then moved to Statesboro, Georgia. I spent a few summers in Lousville, Ky and in Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas. I lived in Valdosta and Athens, Ga while going to college. I lived for a few months in Orlando, Florida and in Atlanta, Georgia before returning to Statesboro.  After a little time back at home, I moved to St. Simons, Georgia. On the island is where I met my husband before going on a 1/2 year hiatus to travel around the country. When the tour concluded we moved to Statesboro. In the boro I became a grown-up, got married and had my children, not necessarily in that order. I have an undeniably outstanding group of friends. I could get a ride to the airport, emergency child care, a martini or a casserole with one phone call.  Sometimes without. I don’t just live here, it’s my home.

Mr. Hulsey and I have dreams about moving other places – but that’s another story. And, it seems, they are just that: dreams.  You know what they say, “you can take the boy out of Bulloch county but you can’t take the Bulloch County out of the boy. Well, you can’t get this boy out for very long, either.

In my youth I planned to live in a large city like, NYC, Louisville or San Francisco. But, life and love brought me home. I think I could happily live in Denver, parts of California, Breckenridge or Aspen.

If I were a billionaire as in the previous question, I would buy myself an apartment on an ocean liner that travels the world. I wouldn’t live any where but everywhere, really.

Oh, and between cake and pie? Always pie. Unless, of course, it is Sarah R’s cake.  Her culinary artistry is a trump.  

And, my tea is ALWAYS sweet, dear. I do live fifty short miles from Paula, ya’ll.