Sweet Georgia Peaches: Mackie and B

Grumpy Dwarf and the Peach Diva

Maaaaa Maa is B’s new favorite word. The pronunciation rhymes with Baa Baa like a sheep.  The a is short. She is trying to say Mackie. Maaa Maa is the new song about our house. B says it over and over and over. Brian and I both commented last night that we felt like we haven’t seen Beatrice in a few days. She is perpetually stuck to Mackie. B is one going on 13!

We took the little Nashville-ite to Hopeulikit on our Bulloch County Fete.  We have picked peaches, gone on a riding tour of Georgia Southern, gone on a walk downtown, swimming at a friends pool, and to get pedicures.

It has been a fun week!