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via Megs Art Blog via Belles and Beus Magazine


Wow. Is this cute or what?  Meg’s work is phenomenal. I am so impressed by this South Georgia freelancer who lives by the sea with a 19 YEAR OLD cat name Henry. 

Plundering through her blog will give you a candy-cane-good feeling.  The sugar coated illustrations are like snacking, baby! Seriously, the work is special because it has a spicy way of illustrating detailed feelings like discovery, abstinence and more.

Go. Go now. Check it out for yourself.

By the way. I feel like the brunette in this illustration.

“Take ME away blog world. Take ME away. Please right now I insist.” 

This is the illustration that goes with the Avowal of a Mommy Blogger article that I wrote. It is SO perfect. And, SO cute. I love it.

What do you think?

I would LOVE to have it enlarged to put on my desk one day.

Oh, yes. What a fun thought!