Photo by Pine and Wine
At some point when Father Time and I have made amends, I will say something much more elaborate in the way of introducing you to one of my oldest and favorite friends, Holly.  Actually, Holly is a friend of my younger sister. Despite the five year age difference, I used to love playing dress-up with them.   They were both so cute!  We would dress up like punk rockers (or the character of our best imagination) and then use my poloroid for the photography shoot.  Memories are the best!
Anyway, she has just rolled out her super cute blog. Life is Good.

Yay, Brooklet Blog Mamas!  

In the meantime, you simply must go over and read her about her entreprenueal dreams about opening a custom sewing business. Watch the slideshow. Her work is really good. And, her beautifully-locked daughter is named Elle. How perfect is that? She could be the next-big-sewers-dream model!

If you are in a bloggy mood, here are two other great discoveries : The McCormick Family and Heatheraine .  Take a look-see.