Lucy Locket lost her pocket,

Kitty Fisher found it;

Not a penny was there in it,

Only ribbon round it.

Dad’s lost wallet arrived in the mail last week containing everything except all the cash. Did I stress all?  For some reason, “memory loss” makes you carry around senseless  amounts of booty.  The wallet round & full of bills protrudes from his siloette as Mount Everest standing upon the desert.  And no, a caregiver can not even get close to the heavily protected rock of money even to count it.  It is protected, prized, and obsessed about.  Accept of course, when it is forgotten on a table, in a drawer, in a file cabinet, under a secret closet stash or dropped outside the pocket undetected.   

The surprise arrival came after the car and house locks were re-keyed, after the police report was filed.

Who knows if it is a blessing, or not?  I mean, nice of them to send it back without the cash ?????  Maybe the thief experienced a moment of epiphany which made him put it in the mail. Or, maybe someone found it post the cash-empty and dropped it in the mail. Without a return address, we will never know. Did the person pick it out of his pocket or find it on the ground?  So many questions. 

All that I know, Dad, is that I love you and that I am sorry that your cash stash is short changed.

Super Cute Mail Box Photo By julievoegele