I totally have insomnia. Between the excitement of celebrating Brian’s last day at work  (forever-ever) and preparing to leave our house for a few weeks, I am completely exhausted, tuckered and weary. Oddly, I can’t sleep.

My mind races as I ponder ALL the things that need to be done, Denny and Megan’s bundle, Lilly’s new-found ability to say ’B’, the bad bug, and fun things in France like castles and Mont’s and wine and massive cemeteries and medieval bridges.

Despite a little deliri,  Monday has proved productive. Actually, The entire weekend has been fruitful. Here are the things we have accomplished in preparation for the looming Furlough:

  • Visited Blondie the cat for a morning pet sit. How does this relate to the trip preparation?  Spending money!   
  • Dropped 2 loads of duds to the consignment shop. While in the shop we learned that Beatrice has earned $50.00 commission. She is quite the business woman! As her money manager, I can’t decide if we should take it to France or reserve it for Kindermusik money. Hmm…any thoughts?
  • Returned 2 items to Belks. While cleaning out my closet, I found a skirt with the tags still attatched from last a Fall purchase. Do you do this, too? Unfortunately without the receipt, I only got FIVE dollars for it. Five dollars is five dollars (that is about 3 euros) more than I had with it hanging in my closet so I handed it over.  Who knows if I would have ever worn the skirt.
  • Bought 5 fluffy bath towels and wash cloths including two super fluffy ones for Madam and Monsieur.  
  • Bought 5 beach towels
  • Bought a basket ball and plastic ball for the children to play with. I feel guilty as I have no idea what children over 3 play with.
  • Bought ingredients for one supper to leave behind for dinner
  • Picked up a bunk bed found on Freecycle (Brian)
  • Primed the bed for paint (Brian)
  • Began packing B’s room for the attic.
  • Watered and fertilized all the plants

I am sleepy now.