I hope you are having a good week. Ours is hectic and busy as we pack a little, play a little, cuddle a little and then pack and play more. We were fruitful again today. The bunk beds are painted, the kitchen cabinets are on their way to organization (yikes), and all the random pots about the yard are planted, watered and fertilized.  College Cottage scored a Eucalyptis Tree, a few lantana bushes, a white flowered bush, and a traveling Don Juan buried in the skin of her landscape.   There is nothing like having someone live in your house for three weeks to get you motivated to plant the rose bush that has been sitting in a pot for two years.  Oh, and I have Easy Cream Cheese Chicken in the Crock Pot to freeze for a meal for our guests. We also confirmed that Barry is staying in Brooklet with Mom & Dad the length of our hiatus. Pet Mama can relax. Whew.  I have been worried about ol’ Bear (as Dad calls him). Barry will be so excited. I can’t wait to tell him!

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo, yours truely

P.S. I snuck a nap today  : )!

Image – Delphine Chanet Photographer via my fave: Absolutely Beautiful Things