“The cost of Alzheimer’s? Everything you ever owned, everything you ever thought you would get, and things you never even thought about.”

“It’s a long, slow slide into oblivion, with no brakes.”

“If this was a paper journal, the ink would be running with tears.”

“Imagine a really beautiful, perfect statue, left out in the wind and rain for centuries, to be worn away, until itís only retained the shape of a person, not any of the individuality. Thatís what Alzheimerís did to my father. It wore him away, all the sharp edges and crisp points that made him Bob Rizza, who loved his family and his pets and his raspberry bushes, and turned him into a fearful person with a vague and confused stare.”

“It’s a nasty disease, surrounded by shadows and small, largely unseen tragedies.”–Terry Pratchett

Quotes via Had a Dad