We arrived fine despite the cancellation of our original flight. The extra day at home was ironically nice.  The Paris Airport is much less grueling than any US airport that I have experienced. It is modest, simple and easy in comparison. The weather is magnificent. It feels like Athens in the fall – cool, breezy, chilly, and rainy. The sun doesn’t set until around 10p, which is really odd for us. You look outside assuming it is around 5:30p. Low and behold, you look at your clock.  It is a quarter after 10!

Everyone keeps asking for pictures, pictures, pictures. So, Brian and I have decided to (try) to upload ours semi-regularly. I subscribed to Flickr pro after much debate. The on-line reviews for Flickr are outstanding. Oddly, now that I have paid for an account I find that Picassa is more user friendly. I totally regret subsribing to ever-slow Flickr. Anyway, here are a few shots:

  Frog legs, Anyone?
Beatrice put her barrette in today – all by herself. 

 My grocery shoppers.  One cool thing about their carts: you insert a coin to unlock the cart upon arrival. The coin stays in the slot. The only way to get the coin back is to relatch the lock to carts in the stall. Most people want their money back so they return their buggys. It’s a great way to insure a clean parking lot. There were no buggies dancing around the parking lot.   Who said mini vans aren’t hot?

They drive on the same side of the road as we do in Statesboro. And, the steering wheel is on the same side, too.  It is relatively easy except the driving is serious.  Cell phone use is illegal while driving. More, both hands must be on the wheel.

A glimpse of our grocery loot. The supermarket is amazing with the variety of products. For instance, their is an ENTIRE aisle of yogurt. Yes, I mean an entire aisle.  

Here, have a fresh beignet with me.